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Urban Beauty United By Tweezerman M’Emery Files 5 Piece Emery Boards

Flowery File Catty Free Spirit

Beauty Plus Salon Nail File Medium 220/320 Blue

Washable and disinfectable. Medium 220/320 grit. For medium sanding on acrylic nails. Filing nail edge on natural nails.

Beauty Plus Salon Nail File Coarse 100/180 Black

Washable and disinfectable. Coarse 100/180 grit. For heavy sanding on acrylic nails. Not to be used on natural nails.

Tweezerman – Nail Clipper Set #4015-P

OPI Shiner XL 1000/4000 Grit

Ultra Black Cushioned Boards – 2 Pack #2719

Ultra’s 2719 Black Cushioned Boards are a nail care staple. These double-sided files feature a cushioned foam core for flexibility with a coarse grit on one side and a medium grit on the other. Excellent for natural nails, toenails and acrylics, the cushioned boards are long-lasting and make quick work of shortening nails and smoothing

Ultra Glass Nail File (Pattern May Vary) #2665

Ultra’s Glass File features a double-sided, etched surface to gently smooth natural nails. It is long lasting and can be washed or sterilized. The file is shatter-resistant, comes with a protective sheath and is available in three patterns.

Soft Touch Glas Sheen Nail Buffer

Ultra Half Jaw Acrylic Nail Nipper #2426

Beauty Plus Salon Nail File White Lightning Medium 180

Washable and disinfectable. Medium 180 grit. For medium sanding on acrylic nails. Filing nail edge on natural nails.

Ultra Nail Scissors 3-1/2″ #2104

Ultra’s 2104 Nail Scissors are made in Italy and feature strong, sharp blades for easy nail trimming. Our curved blades follow the shape of the nail so you make fewer cuts, saving you time. If you’re tired of chopping away at your nails with clippers that leave jagged edges to file, try these smooth cutting

Ultra Barrel Spring Toenail Nipper 5-1/2″ #3405

Ultra’s 3405 Barrel Spring Toenail Nippers are made in Italy of high quality Stainless Steel to stay sharp and rust-free. They feature sharp cutting edges, strong construction and longer handles to improve your reach. A handy, locking mechanism keeps the jaws safely closed and secured for storage. If you like the cutting power of a

Tweezerman Cobalt Stainless Cuticle Nipper 1/4 Jaw

Tweezerman Master Tech Dual Coin Pusher 3312

Clean Cut Nail Slicer 3280

Tweezerman Power Shaver With Rasp

Urban Beauty United By Tweezerman Nicely Nailed Nail Shapers 3 Piece

Ultra Professional Nail Clipper #2558U

Ultra Toenail Clipper #3549U